Paying for rehab is one of the top concerns for people who need addiction treatment. Thankfully, they don’t have to pay for rehab completely out of pocket if they have health insurance. Aetna outpatient drug rehab coverage can make affording rehab easy. However, what kind of coverage does Aetna offer when it comes to rehab? How can you find and pay for a cocaine treatment program, heroin rehab, or outpatient opiate addiction treatment Springfield Illinois residents actually trust?

Can Health Insurance Really Help Pay for Rehab?

female patient consults with addiction treatment professional to find an Aetna outpatient drug rehabYes, thanks to health care legislation, insurance companies must cover drug addiction treatment like they cover other illnesses. Despite that, the amount of coverage varies greatly depending on people’s individual plans.

For example, a rehab center may not be in every insurance provider’s network. Because of that, people might pay more for rehab if they visit a rehab center that’s out of the network. However, some insurance plans allow people to visit out-of-network providers. In short, the policies that people select affect their overall out-of-pocket expenses.

Finding an Aetna drug rehab center Springfield Illinois can trust can be difficult. However, it’s important for people to check their individual health care plans before they choose a rehab center. In most cases, they can reach out to a rehab center to verify if it accepts their health insurance plans. The facility can let them know quickly if it’s in the insurer’s network.

Why Is Getting Professional Help at a Rehab Center So Important?

Paying for rehab isn’t too difficult thanks to government regulations and insurance providers like Aetna. However, why do people need to seek treatment? Can’t they just undergo detox and get on with their lives? What does outpatient treatment provide?

Outpatient rehab programs are important because they help people avoid relapse. While detoxing is important, it’s only the first step toward recovery. Without rehab, people generally relapse soon after detox. That’s assuming that they detox successfully in the first place.

A rehab program helps them find the root cause of their addictions. In general, the source can be a number of problems. Also, it’s common for the root cause to stem from past trauma or underlying mental disorders.

When people have underlying mental health disorders but don’t seek treatment, they use other means to find symptom relief. Unfortunately, it typically involves taking pills or drinking alcohol. Of course, the relief that they get from these drugs is only temporary. As a result, they have to continue abusing drugs in order to maintain that relief. this cycle of self-medication and abuse quickly spirals out of control.

Visit Gateway Springfield  and Start Aetna Outpatient Drug Rehab Today

Are you in need of outpatient opiate addiction treatment Springfield Illinois? If so, get the treatment that you need to get your life back on track. At Gateway Springfield Outpatient, we strive to help as many people as possible. To that end, we’re proud to work with a wide range of insurance providers, including Aetna.

Of course, a rehab center is only as good as the programs that it offers. Gateway Springfield Outpatient understands this and uses a diverse lineup of services for both men and women. Some of the programs that we offer include:

Let us show you that affording rehab isn’t out of reach with Aetna drug rehab coverage. Find out what it takes to put your addiction behind you. Reach out to Gateway Springfield Outpatient at [Direct] for insurance verification to find out if we’re in your insurer’s network.