The idea of getting substance abuse treatment makes some people feel uncomfortable. But, the longer they wait, the greater their risk of losing everything. Not only can their health fail, but relationships and work opportunities suffer under the weight of addiction. One way to ease concerns is understanding the Rehab Admissions process.

Conquering the battle of addiction requires a strong support system and ongoing, intensive treatment. Everyone who desires a life of sobriety cannot attend inpatient programs. Fortunately, treatment options exist to ensure they get the help they deserve.

The person can get their life back knowing the disease of addiction is treatable. Rehab specialists will not let them get lost in the process.

First Step in the Rehab Admissions ProcessRehab Admissions Process at GW Springfield Outpatient.

Admission to an Intensive Outpatient Program Springfield Illinois offers begins before a person starts treatment. The quick and voluntary process actually starts when a person calls the rehab center for help.

Most centers verify insurance benefits and rehab insurance coverage for the program the person needs. This involves the person submitting insurance information for verification through the insurance company.

Once coverage information is obtained, someone from the business office discusses benefits with the person. This lets them know how much treatment will cost. Those who plan to pay out-of-pocket will also discuss affordable options, including financing if necessary.

This initial step in the admissions process is a general outline of what occurs. Actual procedures may vary among rehab centers.

Initial Assessment and Recommendations During the Rehab Admissions Process

A clinical assessment is usually the next step in an admission to rehab for drug or alcohol addiction. This assessment is necessary to ensure the preparation of the right individualized treatment plan. it also ensures that the center can adequately meet the person’s needs.

During this step, the person completes admission paperwork. These documents detail their history and current relationship with substance abuse. In some cases – and with the person’s permission – family members may also provide information. They may share their observations about the person’s drug or alcohol use.

Staff will provide information and answer any questions the person or family has. Making sure that the person makes an informed decision is critical to their care. Recovering from substance abuse requires a level of trust throughout the process.

Day of Admission to an Intensive Outpatient Rehab Program

Intensive Outpatient Rehab works well for the person who has a stable home environment. They remain control of their life while rebuilding areas disrupted by addiction. Day of admission begins the treatment process that was discussed prior to admission.

A person remains in control of their life and continues to go to meet family obligations. They are responsible for following the schedule outlined in their treatment plan. Assigned Addiction Specialists provide the help and support to guide them through treatment.

Most rehab centers partner with off-site treatment facilities if detox becomes necessary. They may either refer the person or help them with arrangements to enroll.

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Choosing the right Intensive Outpatient Rehab Facility is never easy. Some people find the entire process overwhelming, stressful, or even scary. Gateway Springfield Outpatient understands this and strives to put your mind at ease.

Our goal is to make your transition into rehab as smooth as possible. We promise to deliver the highest level of care, knowing it starts with the admissions process.

Our skilled team cares enough to help you during each stage of recovery. We want you to achieve lasting recovery through a host of addiction therapy services such as:

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