Deciding to seek treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It’s making the choice for a healthy and bright future. Can an Outpatient Mens Rehab Center in Springfield Illinois help you achieve that? Or, can you only get well with inpatient care? If you live in the central Illinois region, read on to see how much of a difference this type of treatment can make in your life.

Benefits of Outpatient TreatmentOverall Outpatient Mens Rehab Center Springfield Illinois can rely on.

Residential, or Inpatient, Drug Addiction Treatment helps many people every day. However, there are other treatment options and reasons to seek them.

First, everyone doesn’t need the 24/7 care that inpatient treatment provides. Some clients have short-term addiction issues, and an outpatient program suits them perfectly well.

Other clients have work or family obligations that don’t fit in with residential care. Should they put off treatment just because they can’t live in a facility for a month or more? Outpatient programs give them the opportunity to get important therapy while allowing them to return home each night.

In addition, some people complete residential treatment and step down to outpatient, where they enjoy more freedom but still receive the professional services they need in ongoing recovery.

Why Choose an Outpatient Mens Rehab Center in Springfield Illinois?

It’s not easy admitting that you have a dependency on drugs and alcohol. However, it can be incredibly freeing. After all, you can’t get help for a problem that you don’t acknowledge.

Once you take the first big step of saying that you need help, it’s time to consider treatment options. Some people truly need inpatient care, such as those with long-term and severe addictions.

You may be able to get treatment at an Outpatient Mens Rehab Center in Springfield Illinois, however. The location is convenient for residents throughout the central part of the state.

Being close to your family allows you to get the support you need during treatment. Also, your loved ones can attend family therapy programs with you, which gives all of you the chance to move forward and heal.

Springfield Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs can turn your life around. If you’re ready to take the next step, Gateway Foundation is a leader in the addiction treatment field. With centers throughout Illinois, they provide convenient locations for all state residents.

Proven and Individualized Addiction Treatment for Men and Women

If you’re looking for a solution to your addiction problem, Gateway Springfield Outpatient is the answer. We are a not-for-profit Mens Rehab Center providing outpatient services. As part of the largest nonprofit treatment group in the country, we’ve helped over a million people over the past 50 years with evidence-based addiction therapy services combined with a holistic approach.

We treat each client as an individual, with specific issues and needs. To that end, the programs we offer include:

Don’t put off the important treatment you need any longer. An Outpatient Mens Rehab Center in Springfield Illinois is ready and waiting for you to reach out and finally get the life-changing help you want. Call Gateway Foundation today at 217.615.2545, and we’ll start you on the path to recovery that lasts.