Expressions like “use drugs to numb your pain” or drown your sorrows in whiskey” are popular sayings. These also reflect the reality for many people. Their struggle with substance abuse requires Comprehensive Psychiatric Services in Springfield Illinois.

In many cases, substance use disorders parallel with one or more psychiatric disorders. A coexistence of addiction and mental illness needs specialized treatment. This is known as a Dual Diagnosis to evaluate and treat both conditions.

It is crucial for a person to receive targeted treatment for addiction and mental illness. Receiving proper care at the same time reduces the likelihood of relapse.

Co-Occurring Disorders and Comprehensive Psychiatric Services in Springfield IllinoisOverall, Comprehensive Psychiatric Services Springfield Illinois can count on.

Substance use disorders were once considered separately from mental health disorders. A person with a drug or drinking problem had to sober up before getting help for a mental illness. It was the same for the person at a mental health facility.

Now, addiction treatment and mental health communities recognize the full extent of co-occurring conditions. Treating one disorder without addressing the concerns of the other limits the effect of treatment.

How Comprehensive Psychiatric Services in Springfield Illinois Treat Addiction & Mental Health

Rarely do conventional rehabilitation programs lead to long-term recovery for a person with a mental illness. Depression or anxiety may be the cause of alcoholism or drug addiction. The person may return to their addiction after treatment if those issues are not addressed.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Services commonly involve a Dual Diagnosis. This process determines the treatment a person with an addiction and mental illness receives. Both illnesses are recognized separately as contributors to the person’s condition but treated concurrently.

Treating both disorders improves a person’s chances for healing and recovery. A successful dual diagnosis has several important factors such as:

  • Qualified dual diagnosis staff to provide effective care for mental health and addiction.
  • Custom treatment plans flexible enough to address specific psychiatric and addiction symptoms.
  • Consideration for the length of stay in recovery. Overall, this gives the person adequate time to explore root causes of their substance use and mental illness. They learn coping techniques and life skills to use after rehab.
  • Central integration of services at one location makes it easier for a person to commit to their full recovery.
  • Treatment does not involve judging, confronting or criticizing the person who is trying to heal. In fact, therapists use motivational concepts that help a person build inner strength to create the life they really want.

Medication-Assisted Comprehensive Psychiatric Services in Springfield Illinois

Some comprehensive psychiatric services use Medication-Assisted Treatment if a person is physically dependent on prescription or illegal opiates. Therefore, the person may receive medication like suboxone to ease the withdrawal process.

This level of treatment usually begins in a residential or outpatient program. As a result, medical staff monitor how the person progresses on the medication. It is important that they safely taper off the medication. Care continues with Evidence Based Treatment Springfield Illinois offers to help the person sustain their recovery.

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Gateway Springfield Outpatient offers Addiction Therapy Services to help anyone struggling with an addiction and mental illness. Our comprehensive evaluation ensures that you receive customized care for underlying issues.

We understand the importance of treating a drug or alcohol addiction while also addressing your mental health problems. Ignoring one or the other weakens your chances for complete recovery. Our programs offer the right combination to treat your conditions simultaneously.

For example, your individualized treatment plan may include:

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