Substance abuse doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It affects many people. The same is true for recovery. For this reason, Gateway Foundation Springfield Outpatient supports a vibrant Addiction Recovery Community.

What Is Behind Alumni Engagement?

When you graduate from the Gateway Foundation Springfield Outpatient Program, you’re at a life-changing point of addiction recovery. However, as one of the program’s alumni, you realize that recovery is a lifelong process. There’ll be ups and downs.

Having an active Addiction Recovery Community is a way of helping you stay the course. Besides that, it gives you an opportunity to build on the treatments that you received.

How the Addiction Recovery Community Works

Social interactions in a sober setting are a vital component of Addiction Recovery Community events. Examples include picnics, sporting events, cookouts, movie nights, and concerts. Moreover, the facility also hosts support group meetings.

Addiction Recovery Community in Illinois.

Volunteering is a great way to showcase your participation in the program. It introduces you to others who might be struggling with substance abuse right now. Because they’re still in the shadows, they don’t know how to ask for help. Speaking openly at a graduation, for example, can save a life.

You might also help someone who’s currently in the Intensive Outpatient Program. Sharing your experiences gives this person a vision for overcoming addiction. For example, this may include:

  • Men’s program participants who need help with relapse prevention
  • Young men who’re at a point in life where everyone around them seems to binge-drink and use
  • Women who need someone to help lift them up rather than contribute to tearing them down
  • Adolescents who are dealing with peer pressure through social media or in-person bullying
  • Adults in the seeking safety program who are struggling with traumatic events in their pasts

Benefit from Relapse Prevention Yourself

Being part of the Addiction Recovery Community is an excellent relapse prevention tool. You have access to mentors before stressors can persuade you to start using again. In fact, attending support groups at the facility is a unique opportunity for rekindling formal counseling. If you’ve lapsed in program attendance, you can start again.

Remember, there’s no judgment during our Addiction Therapy Services. Everyone understands that addiction recovery can get difficult at times. No matter which level of engagement you choose, Gateway Foundation Springfield Outpatient therapists are here to help.

Commit to Being Part of the Group

Participate in fun events that bring together a lot of past program participants. Most importantly, come to recovery group meetings that help you stay on track. Be a visible part of the alumni community who can be a valuable resource for others. It’s a rewarding opportunity that helps others as well as yourself.

There’s no wrong way to participate in the Addiction Recovery Community. Of course, before you can start, you need to go through the treatment. Connect with addiction specialists at Gateway Foundation Springfield Outpatient at 217.615.2545 to learn what this means for you.