Many people struggling with an addiction have experienced various forms of trauma. While trauma can complicate the Drug Addiction Treatment process, it is important to note that real help is available. The following information will discuss how to find a quality Trauma Therapy Program in Springfield Illinois.

Understanding Trauma and AddictionOverall Trauma Therapy Program Springfield Illinois offers.

Finding an efficient Trauma Therapy Program in Springfield Illinois starts with an understanding of the link between trauma and addiction. For some individuals, a trauma can lead to a problem with alcohol or drug addiction. This may start as a coping mechanism for dealing with the effects of a traumatic experience. In other cases, a person experiencing an addiction may find themselves in situations that allow others to take advantage of them. In both cases, both trauma and addiction must be treated independently.

Becoming Aware of Addiction Signs

In order to find a Trauma Therapy Program in Springfield Illinois, you’ll need to be aware of the signs of a problem. Always consider the addiction clues in the following list:

Keeping Secrets

Those with an addiction may take active steps to hide their problem from others. While they genuinely do this out of concern for loved ones, it can make it harder to detect a problem.

Failure to Meet Obligations

Those facing the weight of trauma and addiction may find it impossible to carry out their regular duties. Specifically, their employment, home life, and relationships may begin to suffer.

Experiencing Mood Swings

People facing trauma and addiction issues often have an unstable mood. They may seem to fly off the handle frequently, for example. In other cases, they may seem depressed and anxious most of the time. This is where a Trauma Therapy Program can make a difference.

Facing Social Isolation

Social isolation can become the norm for those struggling with addiction and trauma. They may prefer to keep to themselves most of the time. They may also stop engaging in their favorite hobbies.

Developing New Routines

Those struggling with addiction issues may create new routines that are out of the norm. For example, they may take an alternate route to work, develop new interests, or associate with a different crowd of friends.

Treatment Options in a Trauma Therapy Program

Finding adequate Addiction Therapy Services may be easier than you think. A proper Trauma Therapy Program in Springfield Illinois may use the following treatment elements:


In-depth counseling is often the first step to a full recovery. Counseling sessions will allow the person to address the trauma they experienced independently from their addiction issues.

Family Therapies

Family members also face their own struggles during the Trauma Therapy Program journey. However, family therapies can bring the entire household together so that these important relationships can be restored.

Behavioral Therapies

Behavioral therapies help address problematic ways of thinking. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help a person overturn self-defeating thoughts. This, in turn, will produce positive behavioral changes.

Leisure Activities

Recreational therapy is more than just fun and games. These structured activities can allow those struggling with addiction to build important life skills. They can use these exciting leisure programs to improve their self-esteem, communication, trust, and goal-setting behaviors.

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Don’t let an addiction stop you from having the life you want and deserve. You can overcome addiction challenges by seeking the help of a Trauma Therapy Program. Call 217.615.2545 to learn more about the treatment options available for you at Gateway Springfield Outpatient.