It’s one thing to overcome addiction but another to maintain sobriety after rehab. In fact, that’s why experts agree that Mindfulness-Based Sobriety is an essential building block for recovery. This service helps people with acceptance, commitment and so much more. Targeted addiction treatment engages many therapeutic modalities as well as Mindfulness-Based Sobriety. Find an addiction treatment program that combines this with the Individual and Group Therapies, Dual Diagnosis Treatment, and Motivational Interviewing Springfield Illinois residents have come to trust.

What Is Mindfulness-Based Sobriety in Springfield Illinois?

female patient practices mindfulness based sobrietyMindfulness-Based Sobriety (MBS) provides a sort of safety net for people who struggle with addiction. It’s a specific approach to relapse prevention that incorporates several programs into one. In general, MBS uses elements of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy and traditional relapse prevention techniques. In this way, Mindfulness-Based Sobriety works alongside other targeted addiction therapies. While therapists can alter the finer points of MBS, the core elements stay the same.

Outpatient treatment simply refers to the area in which people receive the treatment. Many people choose to get treatment in Illinois because it’s home to successful rehab centers. Some of these people travel to find a central Illinois addiction treatment center so they can access this high-quality care. These places are successful because they focus on preventing relapse and helping each individual build their new life in recovery.

What Benefits Does Mindfulness-Based Sobriety Offer?

Most people assume that experiencing triggers makes them weak. In reality, triggers can make them stronger if they know how to cope with them. It’s important to understand this because running into triggers is inevitable. Thankfully, MBS helps people learn how to turn triggers into a platform to reach a higher level of control.

During MBS, people also learn how to make a road map to recovery. While following this guideline, they quickly learn that they have to overcome past challenges. Doing so is what makes long-term sobriety possible.

Mindfulness-Based Sobriety Can Help After Relapse

Relapse happens all of the time. However, it doesn’t mean that those in relapse have failed. It simply means that they must learn from the mistakes that they made. MBS can help them gain this insight. For example, MBS focuses on examining the feelings, thoughts, and choices that led to the relapse. The goal is to use this information to prevent future relapses. With MBS, experts essentially use a setback like a relapse to trigger a positive result. For those who have suffered a relapse, the most pressing question concerning further treatment is whether it will work or not.

Based on research, MBS does work. In fact, it’s why Mindfulness-Based Sobriety in Springfield Illinois is such a big deal. Experts say that it works because it breaks the behaviors and thoughts that lead to relapse. This insight makes it easier for people to grow and learn from the mistakes that they make.

Another reason why MBS works is that it grows and changes. People change over the course of their lives, and few therapy programs can change with them. Thankfully, MBS fully embraces change, which makes it one of the most vital programs available.

Gain Access to MBS Programs at Gateway Springfield Outpatient

At Gateway Springfield Outpatient, we work hard to not only help our clients overcome addiction but also avoid relapse. For that reason, we offer Mindfulness-Based Sobriety to everyone. Our goal is to help you identify triggers and negative thoughts that could lead to relapse. We want you to learn from your mistakes so that you can grow as a person.

Of course, Gateway Springfield Outpatient offers more than just MBS. We use a wide range of services so that you can take full advantage of treatment. Unlike some rehab centers, we focus entirely on outpatient treatment, which gives you the flexibility to maintain a normal life. A few of the other services that we offer include:

Don’t settle for a program that doesn’t keep your long-term sobriety in mind. Find out what MBS can offer you in terms of relapse prevention. Reach out to Gateway Springfield Outpatient today at [Direct] for more information about Mindfulness-based Sobriety in Springfield Illinois.