During addiction, your whole family suffers. Each individual experiences your substance abuse from their own viewpoint. They also maintain their own positions in the cycle of addiction that affects multiple generations of families. Find an outpatient treatment center central Illinois families can trust so you can break the negative cycle and create a healthier, happier future.

About Our Family Therapy Program in Springfield Illinois

family participates in family therapy program at an addiction treatment centerWhen you begin rehab at any Springfield Illinois outpatient treatment program, you take on a schedule of therapies. This mix of therapies at Gateway Springfield Outpatient helps you learn and grow in your recovery to avoid relapse in the future. Therapy also teaches you how to regain sobriety if you suffer a setback.

But in treatment, the focus is not just on improving your own physical and mental health. Your family also gains this support for the whole family to heal. Some people consider blood relatives their family, while others have a support network of close friends. Whichever relationships you consider most important in your life, these loved ones share the opportunity to take part in your family therapy program in Springfield Illinois.

Involving Your Family in Addiction Treatment

Family talk therapy provides many clear benefits for all family members who participate. These include methods of healing for individuals and the whole group. In therapy, everyone shares a safe space for learning about addiction and adjustments needed in daily life for healthy recovery. At the same time, family therapists guide you to make specific changes in how you live and relate to each other for your greatest success going forward.

Family therapy programs in Springfield Illinois can involve as few as one member of your family. Your parent, spouse, sibling or significant other begins this treatment with you. On the other hand, multiple family members can participate. Whoever participates in your sessions, goals include repairing and rebuilding relationships through better trust, communication, and respect. Family therapy is one tool used alongside other evidence-based addiction treatment therapies that each individual can participate in.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Most families work toward two big goals in family sessions. These include improving your chances of strong, lasting recovery and improving the family’s emotional health as a group. In this manner, your family participates in therapy with you so every member is expected to work on these goals.

Multiple benefits come from working on these goals as a unit. You improve family interaction, mutual support, life skills, behaviors and the ability to achieve family goals. All in all, family therapy helps families deal with depression, past trauma, substance abuse and other conflicts in healthier ways.

Other benefits of family counseling include:

  • Maintaining your motivation in treatment
  • Learning about addiction and how it affects your family
  • Understanding treatment and recovery needs
  • Opening family communication
  • Building support for recovery
  • Reducing fear related to addiction
  • Developing new skills for better lives

Regardless of the state of your family now, going to therapy only improves your relationship for the long term. Sometimes it takes work to repair past problems. But by seeing your therapy programs through and engaging in your sessions, your family can heal, rebuild and look forward to better days ahead.

Your Family Counseling in Springfield, IL

In Springfield, Illinois, Gateway Springfield Outpatient provides the dual diagnosis treatment you need for strong, lasting recovery. Together with your family, you repair past relationships and open new doors for a brighter future in sobriety. The Gateway Springfield Outpatient mission is to provide every individual that comes through our doors with the tools for long-lasting recovery.

Other important aspects of Gateway Springfield Outpatient’s programs include:

Thousands of people rebuild their lives in healthy recovery each year, thanks to Gateway Foundation and Gateway Springfield Outpatient. You can rebuild your life, too. Start your family therapy program in Springfield Illinois today by calling [Direct].