An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program in Springfield Illinois is a unique treatment solution. It uses mindfulness and values techniques to help a person maximize their human potential. Many find it is a great entryway for having a rich and meaningful life after addiction.

What is an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program in Springfield Illinois?Specifically, this is an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program Springfield Illinois can trust.

The name is a good indicator of the core meaning behind this form of therapy. A person learns to accept what is out of their control. They also commit to doing things that enrich and improves their life.

Therapy sessions teach the person psychological skills to help them deal with painful thoughts and feelings. They realize there are ways to handle challenges without turning to substance abuse.

A person applies what they learn to lessen the impact and influence of negative experiences. The point of these mindfulness skills is not to eliminate the negative thoughts, emotions or events. Rather, the goal is to understand and manage them without depending on numbing substances.

This heightened awareness helps a person clarify important and meaningful things. Their values become a guide to inspire and motivate them to make positive changes.

Six Core Principles of an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program in Springfield Illinois

The six core principles a person learns to use long after recovery include:

  1. Cognitive detachment from inner experiences to find different ways of interacting and relating to them.
  2. Acceptance of feelings and thoughts as they occur without trying to change their frequency or form.
  3. Mindfulness to live in the present moment.
  4. Understanding oneself while letting go of inflexible ideas or thoughts about who they are.
  5. Acknowledging their values to learn what is most important.
  6. Commitment to the actions that empower them to change their behavior for the better.

Using an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program for Drug Recovery

The person with an addiction reason that abusing drugs is the easiest way to solve a problem. They overlook the fact that the problem still exists after their high subsides. In fact, whatever turmoil they face worsens because of their decision to take drugs.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT, is an evidence-based approach to Drug Addiction Treatment. It helps the person learn to face reality without masking problems with drugs. Additionally, this form of treatment works without overly focusing on the actual problems.

For example, growing up in an abusive and neglectful environment can make a person feel worthless. They are left with persistent degrading thoughts of feeling unwanted. Therapy helps them address such thoughts and realize those thoughts are not the ultimate truth.

Benefits of an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program in Springfield Illinois

Overall, the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy are helpful for a broad spectrum of disorders. It works in an individual or Springfield Group Therapy Program setting.

This useful tool meets a person where they are and helps them get to where they want to be. Furthermore, it is very effective for a person struggling with acute symptoms from a mood or anxiety disorder.

ACT continues to work as their symptoms improve. In addition, this enables them to make specific decisions about their addiction recovery goals.

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