Nearly everyone has heard of 12-Step meetings. Most associate the program with Alcoholics Anonymous. While this is its origin, a 12 Step Treatment Center in Springfield Illinois offers programs for various types of addiction.

It is important that a person receives customized care during Addiction Treatment. Incorporating the principles of a 12 step program can lead to the best path for recovery.

Principles of a 12 Step Treatment Center in Springfield Illinois12 Step Treatment Center Springfield Illinois offers with a 12 step program and 12 step therapy overall.

The principles behind the 12-step treatment is based on spiritual recovery. Each step can take a religious and non-religious approach to broaden its effectiveness overall. A person does not need to believe in one definition of God to benefit.

Treatments that incorporate the steps can help a person understand the true nature of their addiction. They realize that alcoholism or drug abuse is both a spiritual and physical disease. This principle teaches that surrendering to a higher power is necessary to heal.

Another principle teaches that sharing experiences with their addiction is helpful. They understand the importance of participating in group meetings. Everyone benefits from the hopes and inner strengths of others.

Working through the 12 steps do not occur in a vacuum. A person has a seasoned member who already completed each step sponsor them. Having that support during cravings or moments of weakness can actually help strengthen their resolve.

Receiving support encourages the fourth principle of giving back. Therefore, the person recovering from an addiction finds that helping others can help them maintain sobriety.

Behavior Modification and 12 Step Treatment Center in Springfield Illinois

Addiction Treatment Programs that include the 12-step model use corrective approaches similar to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Moreover, this therapy teaches how to identify and correct behaviors that cause substance abuse.

The 12 Steps encourage a person to change how they think and act. In addition, several principles address why behavioral modification is necessary for overcoming an addiction.

There is an emphasis placed on taking daily inventory of thoughts and actions. Doing so can help a person identify which behaviors and thoughts contribute to their decision to use. The steps continue by guiding a person through facing personal fears.

They receive counsel on making amends to others hurt by their addiction. This, of course, occurs as the person accepts responsibility for their past and current decisions. Meditation and prayer helps them have a change of consciousness.

Positive Psychology at a 12 Step Treatment Center in Springfield Illinois

Surrendering personal will to a higher power is strongly emphasized in a 12 step program. This is the only way a person can overcome the disease of drug addiction or alcoholism. The program also offers rewarding experiences that reinforce healthy behaviors.

This is reflective of positive psychology principles in substance abuse treatment. Furthermore, positive psychology believes that gratifying experiences are enough to encourage repetitive sober behaviors.

For example, positive psychology principles of 12-step groups include:

  • Using abstinence and sobriety to improve circumstances
  • Receiving emotional support from others in the group
  • Learning coping skills to avoid relapse
  • Positive communication with a spiritual higher power that the person chooses

Find Your Path to Recovery

At Gateway Springfield Outpatient, we believe that addiction is a progressive disease that affects the mind, body and spirit. However, our blend of evidence-based and holistic therapies heal the whole person. Let us help you.

We offer a comprehensive 12-step recovery process for a range of addictions. This includes our Outpatient Opiate Addiction Treatment Springfield trusts, where you receive care such as:

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