The person who does not have a severe addiction may not need a heightened level of care. Perhaps they are beyond the stage of medical detox care and supervision. This makes them a good candidate for an Outpatient Treatment Center in Central Illinois.

Outpatient rehab programs offer flexibility during treatment when a person has a healthy and supportive home environment. A person continues to get the care they need while keeping up with personal and professional responsibilities.

Types of Care at an Outpatient Treatment Center in Central IllinoisOutpatient Treatment Center Central Illinois can trust in general.

Outpatient Programs fit the lifestyle of those who do not need around-the-clock care and attention. Furthermore, they can work around existing schedules and obligations without foregoing the care they need to overcome an addiction.

There are varying levels of outpatient treatment. Therefore, program offerings depend on the facility and the specific needs of the person seeking care. Traditional outpatient services can differ greatly. The consistent similarity is that the person gets to go home each night.

A Partial Hospitalization Program is one type of outpatient treatment. This program is one step down from residential rehab. It usually has highly structured programming for four hours or more each day. Treatment lasts 3-5 days per week according to a personalized plan.

The person who needs the structure and intensity of residential treatment may need an Intensive Outpatient Program. In fact, they benefit from having a flexible treatment schedule.

Services at an Outpatient Treatment Center in Central Illinois

Outpatient Addiction Therapy Services vary from program to program. Most services are the same at residential and outpatient centers. The only difference is frequency, duration, and intensity. For example, Medication-Assisted Treatment may be part of comprehensive outpatient treatment.

Overall, Outpatient Treatment Center therapies may include:

Relapse Prevention with an Outpatient Treatment Center in Central Illinois

Strategies for relapse prevention are often part of treatment. Specifically, this is crucial in the early months of recovery. Educational programs teach a person coping mechanisms for dealing with triggers.

Developing a relapse prevention plan starts with a thorough assessment of the person’s circumstances. In addition, this includes identifying factors that can become barriers to uninterrupted sobriety.

Ensuring a person leaves rehab with a strong support system is important. The treatment plan may include individual, group and family therapy. Doing so ensures they successfully reintegrate back into life. They need encouragement for their commitment to avoiding addictive substances.

Recovering at Our Outpatient Treatment Center

Do you or someone you love need rehab treatment that allows you to continue with daily activities? In fact, Gateway Springfield Outpatient has helped over a million people achieve sobriety success.

Our outpatient women and Outpatient Mens Rehab Center Springfield Illinois uses Addiction Medicine services. Moreover, we take a holistic approach to helping you overcome an addiction. This ensures the care you receive taps into your physical, emotional and social needs.

If trying to stop proves that you cannot control your addiction, contact to our facility today at 217.615.2545. Overall, your freedom and road to recovery starts now.