At Gateway Foundation Springfield Outpatient, you can immerse yourself in proven therapy and treatment that will lead to success in addiction recovery. With a commitment to sobriety for our clients, our professional staff is here to help you embrace your recovery with support, guidance, training, and more. Learn more about Gateway Foundation Springfield Outpatient today and rediscover a life of overall wellness.

Addiction Treatment Services At Springfield Outpatient

Learn More About Gateway Foundation Springfield Outpatient Today.

We offer a wide range of services for our clients at Gateway Foundation Springfield Outpatient. From group counseling to DUI classes, we will build a foundation for your recovery that will last a lifetime. For example, our services include:

Through our Recovery Community support, you will have access to further treatment, therapy, group sessions, and events once you return to your daily life. Furthermore, our alumni support will help you relate to others who have been in your shoes before. This continuum of care is vital to the success of your lifelong recovery and will help you develop coping skills and relapse prevention techniques.

Counseling and Therapy Benefits

Do you struggle with opening up about your substance abuse? Moreover, do you have fears and concerns during recovery? If so, Gateway Foundation Springfield Outpatient is here for you. We provide the therapeutic modalities you deserve to help you gain an understanding of your addiction and its root causes.

While working in a group and with a professional therapist, you will have the peace of mind to continue your recovery through education and training. In fact, our therapists will collaborate with you to help you overcome destructive habits and thoughts.

Learn More About Gateway Foundation Springfield Outpatient

When addiction begins to take control of your life, Gateway Foundation Springfield Outpatient is here to help. With a commitment to helping our clients through the highest quality programs and services, we’ll provide you the comfort you need to completely focus on your recovery.

However, recovery is a lifelong process. Our Recovery Community will be by your side as you continue to embrace sobriety after treatment. With our help, overall wellness is attainable in a safe and supportive environment. To learn more about Gateway Foundation Springfield Outpatient today, contact our clinical team. You can reach us now at 217.615.2545.